Personalized Experience

Live this adventure with us

Pukarumi is a company specializing in tourist tours and great experiences in San Pedro de Atacama..

Personalized service, combined with respect for the natural and social environment, in a destination that goes far beyond the conventional.


Personalized Experience

Live this adventure with us

Pukarumi is a company specializing in tourist tours and great experiences in San Pedro de Atacama.

Personalized service, combined with respect for the natural and social environment, in a destination that goes far beyond the conventional.


Amidst geysers, volcanoes, colorful lagoons and crystal-clear water canyons... Which tour to choose?

So many options can be a trap for travelers, how can you choose the best one?

The good news is that... when it comes to "tours around Atacama" we are experts, so all you have to do is click the button below and we will direct you to the best experience of your life!

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Valle de la luna (Valley of the Luna)

Discover incredible rock formations composed of natural minerals, including Las Tres Marías, created by wind erosion over many decades. See other sights like Duna Mayor, Amphitheater, and Piedra del Coyote.

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Piedras rojas (red stones)

This is a classic tour of San Pedro de Atacama.

You can't miss the most impressive landscapes in the desert.

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Geysers del tatio (Tatio geysers)

Discover the third largest geothermal field in the world and the largest in the southern hemisphere in the Atacama Desert. At 4,200 meters (13,780 feet) above sea level, the Tatio Geysers are a natural wonder that will take your breath away, in more ways than one.

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Ruta de los Salares (Salares route)

The white color of the salt flats contrasts with the opaque, rustic and classic brown tones of the desert.

This magnificent experience can only be improved by the presence of vicuñas and flamingos, part of the beautiful local fauna. Simply unforgettable.

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We'll explore the dunes of the Salt Range, where you'll learn about the lunar desert landscape and how it acquired its unique aesthetic.

We will travel to the Valley of the Abandoned Bus, also known as the 'Magic Bus'. Iconic for its rustic look and perfect setting, you can take advantage of this moment to capture the perfect photo.

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Valle del Arcoiris (Rainbow Valley)

Visit one of the most important collections of prehistoric rock in the country and walk through the Rainbow Valley, named for the numerous colors created by clay, minerals, and salts.

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Lagunas escondidas de Baltinache (Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache)

Discover the 7 hidden lagoons of Baltinache.

The hidden lagoons are 1 hour away from San Pedro. Afterwards you can swim in the lagoon and float in the salt water.

Tour Astronómico (Astronomical Tour)

The vision of the cosmos and the traditions of ancient people combine perfectly with technology, telescopes.

We will observe the Constellations, planets and nebulae.

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Laguna Cejar (Cejar Lagoon)

We will visit Laguna Cejar, Laguna Piedra where you can bathe, Ojos del Salar and Laguna Tebinquiche.

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With more than 5 years of experience, we are a passionate and dedicated team, made up of more than 40 qualified professionals ready to make your trip unforgettable. Our commitment is to offer excellent services, providing unique and safe moments for our customers.

Operating with a fleet of 5 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter transport vehicles, we guarantee comfort and safety during all our tours and activities. Additionally, we are proud to preserve and protect the unique environment of the Atacama Desert by promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Our mission is to provide memorable experiences, ranging from exciting adventures, such as trekking, to moments of contemplation under the starry desert sky during our astronomical observations. We are here to guide you on a journey of discovery and fascination through the Atacama Desert. Welcome to PUKARUMI, where your adventure begins!


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"Excellent agency. Memorable tours. Great guides. Delicious snacks and breakfast. Do everything to make the tour unique."
Any Los Rios
"I did Piedras Rojas and Lagunas de Baltinache and Geysers del Tatio with them. The tours arrived at the scheduled time, the breakfasts were unforgettable! Congratulations"
Douglas Felix
"My husband and I took the tour to Piedras Rojas. The van was brand new and comfortable. Driver Júlio was super careful, kind and polite. The guide Nicole was simply wonderful. Good humored, she paid attention to all the passengers. She gave a real lesson on the places we visited. In fact, breathtakingly beautiful places. I highly recommend this agency and its guide Nicole and the driver Júlio. All the best. Rating 10"
Ivone Guimaraes


Did you know that Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Luna) is one of the best places to observe the starry sky due to its low light pollution and clear atmosphere?

The most popular tour among visitors

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Mirador del atardecer (Sunset viewpoint)

Cañón de la Luna (Luna Canyon)

Cueva de Sal​ (Salt Cave​)

Duna Grande (Dune grande)

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